4th April 2022

Make it walk with a view

When in North Devon it’s only natural for the great outdoors to lure you outside. Whether it be to the wilds of the moors, along dramatic coastlines or through ancient woodlands, there’s one thing they all have in common, the scenery will take your breath away. 

Before you venture to North Devon don’t forget to pack the most essential item, a pair of comfortable walking shoes so that the wonders of the great outdoors can be right at your feet. 

And the best part about getting out and about? By visiting these areas not only do you get to explore diverse landscapes but you help support and preserve these areas.

We’ve put together a short but sweet list of our top walking spots for you to pay a visit during your stay…


This 2.6-mile walk (4.2km) starts and finishes at Marine Drive. Discover a walk above Morte Bay, where spectacular views of Morte Hoe and Baggy Point are guaranteed and where on a sunny day views across to Lundy Island are a gem to gaze upon. This walk lets you explore clifftop views before trailing along the beach which stretches for over 2 miles. If you build up an appetite or become thirsty, there is a cafe situated at Putsborough car park which is open every day from April-October. 


This 6-mile walk (9.6km) starts and finishes at Heddon Valley bypassing Woody Bay. This challenging walk follows a 19th-century carriageway, taking you along the South West Coast Path across some of the highest and most dramatic cliffs in England. Discover breathtaking views of the coast and gaze across to Wales on a clear day, walk through ancient sessile oak woodlands and hear the faint sounds of sea birds all around. This walk is estimated to take around 3 hours to complete.


This 2.8-mile walk (4.5km) starts and finishes at Baggy Point car park (EX33 1PA). Discover a walk with jagged cliff lines and spectacular views of the coastline towards Bideford Bay and Hartland. This walk gives you a real sensation of being on the edge of the world whilst being a relatively easy walking route. Along your walk, you will be greeted by multitudes of wildlife but most likely flocks of sheep as you make your way through the path.


Let’s go chasing waterfalls with this 3.9-mile walk (6.3km) which starts and finishes at Hartland Quay, discover a walk through the best of Hartland's hanging valleys and be left in awe of plunging waterfalls and fascinating rock formations. Although challenging, the stunning views will make up for every staggered breath and drop of sweat given.


This 2.9-mile walk (4.7km) starts and finishes at Lynton Cliff Railway Station, which is the easiest way to climb up the 500 feet (140 metres) ascent from Lynmouth. Built between 1887 and 1890, with most of the rock having been cut by hand making this an added gem to this walking route. The Valley of Rocks is one of the most popular destinations in the National Park, which comes as no surprise with its spectacular setting at the mouth of the wooded gorges of the East and West Lyn rivers, hemmed in by gigantic cliffs not forgetting the friendly feral goats that roam the land. 

No matter what type of walker you are, you’re sure to find a route that will lead you to discover the very best of North Devon. Before that can happen luxury accommodation must first be booked, take a look at our latest offerings here

Looking for some more walks? Why not head to South West Coast Path for some inspiration.