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Environmental Policy

At the Brend Collection we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of the services we provide.  We will achieve this through our commitment to:

  • Making sure we comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.

  • Regularly reviewing the environmental impact of our activities and that we use materials in a sustainable and responsible manner.

  • Investing to ensure we use efficient-energy efficient systems in all our premises.

  • Improving our use of water, and reducing it wherever possible.

  • Engaging with our employees to ensure they have the tools and training they require the help us achieve our environmental goals.

  • Supporting a development plan of continual improvement in environmental performance incorporating suitable measurement and monitoring mechanisms.

  • Ensuring that the waste we produce is kept to a minimum and recycled wherever possible. By using best practice techniques we aim to return zero to landfill.

  • Work with key suppliers to ensure our purchasing policies support local businesses and encourage them to develop environmental best practice and reduce the impact of the goods and services they provide to us.

  • Co-operating with our competitors in order that new sustainable business practices can be developed across the hospitality sector.

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