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Clovelly Lentsherd

Clovelly Harbour and Seafront North Devon

Shrove TuesdayCustom

Lentsherd, also known as 'Lanshard', is a cherished Shrove Tuesday custom in the quaint village of Clovelly. As the sun sets, children excitedly embark on a journey Down-a-Long, merrily dragging their tin cans that create a delightful clatter. Upon reaching the picturesque harbour, the children's cans are joyfully bound together and tossed into the glistening waters, to be retrieved shortly after.

To honour their participation, the children are generously treated to a complimentary pancake, eagerly awaiting their artistic touch as they decorate it with a variety of delicious toppings. Clovelly warmly extends an invitation to as many children as possible, hoping to share the joy of their Lentsherd traditions with a wide and enthusiastic audience.

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