Enviromental Policy

Just like you, we love to be inspired and rejuvenated by Devon and Cornwall. Our landscape and coastline are both stunning and timeless - but like natural environments all over the world, are also fragile and under threat

We all know that one of the pressing issues facing our beautiful planet is how we can find ways to live sustainably in future. At Brend Hotels, we have been working behind the scenes for a number of years to reduce our environmental impact and to keep Cornwall and Devon beautiful. We are proud to be a family business and we are passionate about making sure this beautiful place is here to enjoy for generations to come. We want you to have the perfect stay with us, knowing that your holiday environment is being cared for by us in as many ways we can. Read on to find a few of the actions we are taking to help protect our environment and promote sustainability.

What we are doing


We have diverted 80% of our waste from landfill. All our luxury hotels recycle metal, glass, plastic, card and paper and almost all our waste is recycled or re-used. 

Green energy

All food waste is collected and converted into electricity at a local power plant in Devon.

Making common sense change

We’ve reduced our total energy use and Co2 emissions by 15% since 2006 by making common sense changes such as lighting and boiler upgrades, insulation and oil to gas projects.

Electric Car Charging

We have 2 dedicated Electric Car Charging points installed in our garage parking area, for use of our guests.

Carbon emissions

We have reduced our carbon emissions by an estimated 6000 tonnes and are conducting a comprehensive review of our carbon footprint across all parts of the business, so we can be even more efficient.

Local sourcing

We buy as much of our fish, meat, cheese and vegetables from local suppliers as possible, helping to support local farmers as well as cutting down on unnecessary food miles.

Low energy light bulbs

We use low energy LED lights.

Renewable energy solar and biomass

We have a solar power installation at the Barnstaple Hotel that reduces our day time use. The Saunton Sands Hotel is now functioning on 70% renewable energy with our Biomass woodchip boiler, installed in March 2013.

Resource management teams

Each of the hotels in our green hotel group, Brend Hotels, has its own Environmental Action Plan, which is constantly reviewed and updated.

Sustainable tourism

We were thrilled to be finalists in the 2007 Devon Environmental Business Awards (DEBI), 2009 International Silver ‘Green Apple’ award winners and 2011 Cornwall Sustainability Awards finalists.


We have our own full-time environmental team that work to co-ordinate our Resource Management Teams, drive initiatives and continually monitor our energy use with AMR- an online automated metering and monitoring system.

What you can do to help

Here is what you can do to help...at home as well as on holiday. 

Switching off the lights in your hotel room

Please switch off the lights when you leave your hotel room.

Leave the tv on stand-by

Our energy efficient televisions use less energy when left on standby than that used to restart once turned off at the wall.

Mobile phone chargers

Please remember to unplug mobile phone chargers when they are not in use, as they use up a surprising amount of energy.

Closing the windows

Check the windows are closed when the heating is on, so all the heat does not escape.

Turn off the taps

Turn the tap off when you are cleaning your teeth or shaving rather than leaving it running throughout.

Using the shower

Did you know that a shower only uses a third of the water compared to a bath?

Using the kettles

Only boil the amount of water in the kettle that you need. This small action can help save more electricity than you would think.

Thank you for helping us to protect the environment whilst you enjoy your stay with Brend Hotels. If you would like to find out more about our sustainability policy, please email:  amandab@brendhotels.com