27th September 2018

Top places to photograph in North Devon

Our friends over at Brend Hotels, the parent company of The Park Hotel, have created a wonderful news piece entitled: 10 places to photograph in Devon and Cornwall. 

You can read it here, featuring some top places to photograph in North Devon...

Exmoor, Saunton Sands beach, The Valley of Rocks and Clovelly are mentioned

And rightly so. There are some fabulous and beautiful places in North Devon that always deserve to be captured by a camera, and these places should definitely be top of the list.

Let's take a further look at these key North Devon locations...

Exmoor National Park

Stretching along the North Devon coast into deep Somerset, Exmoor National Park is full of wonderful places to visit and photograph. Our news article on 5 places to visit in Exmoor highlights some of the best. 

As Brend Hotels state: "The dramatic landscapes, exciting wildlife and stunning views make for great selfie moments and 360-degree panoramas.

Deep inland, amongst the heart of the moors it feels like it's just you and the rugged scenery as there's a distinct remoteness feel to the moor. Where Exmoor meets the sea the hills rise and fall into the distance, as dramatic cliffs tumble down into the waves below. 

When staying at The Park Hotel, the edges of Exmoor are not far away, meaning that a visit is easy. Next time you visit, don't forget the camera.

Saunton Sands Beach  

"Keeping in mind that the North Devon coast is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, think of how beautiful the beaches must be.

In fact, they are award winning! Popular with locals and tourists alike, they are some of the best in the UK and deserve to be photographed from every angle...a must visit for all photographers.

But we’re highlighting Saunton Sands for a number of reasons.

The three miles of golden sands stretch along the coast from sea to estuary. The sand dunes - named Braunton Burrows - are a unique sight and can be climbed for stunning views. They are a World Heritage site and UNESCO Biosphere region, meaning they are unique in flora and fauna. It all adds up to create unique photo opportunities. When the sun sets behind the horizon, there’s nowhere better to be."

There's nothing else to add really. Saunton Sands is the closest beach to us here in Barnstaple and whatever the weather it's worth including in your stay. 

Valley of Rocks

Many class the Valley of Rocks as a part of Exmoor, but the unique landscape is worthy of getting a mention of its own. The road out of Lynton on the North Devon coast (about 40 minutes drive from our hotel) leads into a steep u-shaped valley, with dramatic hills on one side and jagged rocky points on the other that then drop down into the sea. 

As quoted from Brend Hotels: "Jagged rocky outcrops, towering cliffs, cliffside paths, sea views and native goats...get your walking boots on and reach the rugged but beautiful summits to fully take in where the rolling hills of Exmoor meet the sea.

This is a harsh but breathtaking environment, that you could often be mistaken for being in another country - think New Zealand and the Lord of the Rings films.

With your camera, you should aim to capture the panoramic scenery on days filled with both sunshine and rain for different moods and styles of photography."

The Valley of Rocks is a must visit for those who want to climb, explore and see goats clinging to the impossible cliffs. 


The last North Devon location mentioned on their blog, Brend Hotels say:

"Coastal villages don’t come any more picturesque than Clovelly. Nestled in the hillside, it oozes charm with cobbled streets and a ‘trapped in the past’ feel. The houses and narrow paths tumble down 400 feet to the harbour. Higgledy-piggledy cottages open up to reveal the stunning views and turquoise ocean. 

Donkeys still live and thrive in the stables, making an appearance in the village during good weather. It’s a snapshot of a bygone era when they used to transport items through the village.

Timeless, picturesque and quintessentially Devon, you’ll want to take endless pictures of the fishing village to remember this completely unique place."

Also found about 40 minutes from the hotel, Clovelly is a place to photographing the views, the little details that make a visit delightful and the historical buildings that seem as they've been washed up on shore by a storm. This popular attraction is well visited by our guests. 

Other top places to photograph in North Devon

We'd also add to this list the following locations...

RHS Rosemoor

RHS Gardens Rosemoor offers 65-acres of beautifully planted gardens and stunning landscapes set within a pretty wooded valley near Torrington here in North Devon. 

Their lovingly planted gardens sit alongside historic buildings, fruit and veg patches, an award-winning restaurant and a come with a full calendar of events. Make sure you visit yourself to find all their hidden treasures next time you visit North Devon.

It all adds up to make Rosemoor a stunning place to walk through the flows and plants to take stunning photographs. If you love capturing wildlife, flowers and nature on camera then Rosemoor is a must visit, any time of year. 

Park Hotel guests receive a discounted entry fee too!

The Tarka Trail

The Tarka Trail is a series of paths that run through and around North Devon, following rivers, rolling hills and old railway tracks from one location to another. 

The trail travels from Braunton in North Devon, through the centre of Barnstaple and onward to other key destinations in the area before reaching Mid-Devon. It is also possible to include circular routes along the North Devon coast. 

We recommend, in order to cover more ground to see more sights, hiring a bike to cycle the trail. Speak to our reception team who will be able to discuss how best to do this, along with providing guidance on how to make the most of the trail depending on your personal preferences.

The trail from Barnstaple to Braunton runs right in front of the hotel, through the park by the edge of a river, meaning our guests have easy access. 

Why is it one of the top places to photograph in North Devon? Well whether you are on the trail, you'll see scenery, nature, animals and take in the classic Devon atmosphere - all of which are photo-worthy any time of year. 

If we've inspired you to enjoy a stay in North Devon based around taking as many images as possible, then please think of us here at The Park Hotel. Our four-star accommodation and popular dining options make us a great place to rest between days out in the area.