12th February 2018

Instead we’ll use compostable straws made from plants

Plastic straws are a thing of the past for The Park Hotel. From this point on we are no longer purchasing plastic straws, as part of our continued effort to help reduce our impact on the environment.

Instead we will be bringing in compostable straws made from plants, not plastic, from the visionary packaging brand Vegware when our current stock runs out.

Along with all the other hotels and restaurants in the Brend Hotels chain, we are also looking to reduce all single use plastics and will be making sure that if we don’t need to use plastic, we won’t.

But that’s not all. Food waste is collected and converted into electricity at a local power plant in Devon. We have our own Environmental Action Plan, which is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure we’re doing our bit for our surroundings. Plus we purchase from local food suppliers whenever possible.

There’s so much more going on at Brend Hotels to reduce our negative impacts on the world. Read this Brend article to see what else we’re all doing…