14th August 2020

Find out 'Moor'

7 things you didn’t know about Dartmoor and Exmoor

No visitor should leave Devon without a trip to the stunning Exmoor, which hugs the North Devon coast. Here you can spend the day exploring the unique landscape of moorland, woodland, valleys, and farmland - You might even spot a Pony! Travel a little further to see Devon’s other famous moor - Dartmoor

We’ve pulled together some interesting facts so that you can find our ‘moor’ about these special spots in Devon. Let us know if you have any other interesting insights to add - we’d love to hear more! 

  1. They’re shaped by humans. The UK’s National Parks are in fact the product of thousands of years of human activity through farming, industrial development, and settlement. You can trace these landscapes back to the Bronze Age and before.
  2. Exmoor National Park is home to some of the darkest skies in the country so it's a great place to gaze at the stars. At places like Exmoor, where there is minimal light pollution, on a cloudless night, you can see thousands of stars and astronomical sights with the naked eye. Why not visit their Dark Skies festival; 16th - 31st October 2020?
  3. Dartmoor is the only place the Bog Hover Fly exists in Britain. 
  4. They both have rainforests. Along with Scotland and mainland Ireland, the South West has some of the last temperate rainforests in the world – home to extremely rare lichens, lungworts, fungi, and other natural treasures, some yet even to be discovered.
  5. Dartmoor attracts 2.3 million visitors a year, that’s a value of £120 million!
  6. Exmoor has the highest sea cliffs on the British Mainland. It reaches a height of 314 metres (1350ft) at Culbone Hill. 
  7. Britain's longest path - The South West Coast Path - starts at Exmoor. The route includes a number of options and changes are being made continually but at present, the distance from the start at Minehead to finish at Poole is about 613 miles. It takes roughly 40 days to walk the entire route.

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